Using Facebook WISELY – Part I


use it wisely...

Many of us use Facebook daily. But do we use it wisely?

This is a step-by-step explanation and implementation of Using Facebook WISELY. You are exptected to follow the ‘read-now, understand-now and do-it-now’ approach. Doing-it-now will mark your presence on Facebook more meaningful and lovable immediately. Best wishes!

Your Facebook Profile

People always want to know you in detail. They don’t like if you hide yourself. They want to see the “REAL” you. They will be interested in you only if they find “SOMETHING” in you. Remember they want to become your friends because they are selfish. Hence if you understand this, you are on the right track.

So let’s begin: Visit your Facebook Profile NOW and update it as discussed earlier. Add whatever maximum you can but it should be authentic. This will help your yet-to-become-friend visitors, visiting your profile, gather trust and confidence in you.

Your Profile Photo

Next thing is to update is your profile photo. Don’t you feel that when you are using Facebook at that time you are interacting with your friends. Now how’s that interaction possible if you don’t look into the eyes of your friends and give a pleasant smile! I recommend you to have a latest closeup of your smiling face using your own mobile / digital camera. Closeup means CLOSEUP showing your face only (edit it using Photoshop Express or some other tools). Don’t miss two things in your photo: your beautiful eyes (please avoid wearing goggles) and your cute smile!

So let’s do it now: Click your closeup using a good mobile / digital camera. Transfer it to your computer and edit it as discussed earlier. (Kindly avoid using your childhood photo as your profile photo.) Now set this pic of yours as your profile photo. This will help your friends and visitors ‘connect’ with you and your ‘image’ will stay in their minds for long.

Your Photos and Photos of you

Firstly let’s understand the difference: 1) Your Photos means the photos uploaded by you as Wall Photos, Mobile Uploads or Albums etc. 2) Photos of you means the photos, uploaded by you or your firends or certain apps, containing you tagged in it. Now, won’t your friends love to see some good REAL photos of you? But what happens is that either you haven’t uploaded or if uploaded then you haven’t tagged them. Don’t you think your friends will get annoyed when they look for your photos and end up looking at your apps-automicallly-posted non-sense pics on your wall or pics where you’re tagged by your other friends where you aren’t present at all.

So let’s do it now: Firstly, upload many photos of you, your family, your firends, your trips, etc. TIP:You don’t need scanner to scan these photos. Just use your mobile camera to click on these photos to scan them. Always show your best self. Avoid unnecessary and unwanted photos. Always upload them sensibly into Albums with Meaningful Long Names. Next thing is tag these photos with you in it; also tag your firends, family members, relatives etc. PLEASE DON’T TAG THE PHOTOS WITH UNWANTED TAGS OF THOSE NOT PRESENT IN IT. Secondly, visit all the photos where you are UNNECESSARY tagged and remove the tag. Both of these excercises will help you get neat  and clean photo strip on top of your wall with your real phoos only. This will help your friends and visitors ‘visuallly connect’ with you, understand you from a broader perspective viz. your family, your friends, your life style, your past etc.


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