About me

Mitesh Sanghvi

Mitesh Sanghvi

I love marketing and communications 1) Online and Offline, 2) Electronic, Print and Grass-root, and, 3) Internal and External.

I have been understanding, experimenting and using various principles and techniques of branding, advertising, marketing, communications, public relations etc since 1995.

I have also been an edupreneur (teaching computers & internet), trainer (training the trainers, designing courses, curriculum, systems and process) and an administrator (managing sales and marketing, corporate communications, customer relations and business development).

I’m a tech-savvy person and love to use various electronic gadgets viz. computers, mobiles etc in day-to-day marketing and communications, operations and logistics, data analysis and research and project management.

I’m @MiteshSanghvi on Twitter.


  • Business Development / Operations
  • Corporate Communications / Advertising / Branding
  • Internet Marketing / Online Social Networking
  • Public Relations / Media Relations / Customer Relations
  • Systems and Processes / Policies
  • Events and Promotions
  • Mentoring and Training
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